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Services offered by The Labour Direction

The website we have built is a great tool which can be used by both employees and employers who are in need of information. Here you have a quick guide about our services.

The Labour Direction's mission is to make relationships between workers and employers more modernised and fairer. Our website contains useful and valuable information for them.

This website has a main menu that lets people know about our institution, its tasks and aims, as well as the location of our offices.

The Procedures area [Trámites] informs you about the procedures or errands which people most frequently perform at our institution. Also, you can find forms and guidelines for different operations related to work activities.

So as to have a comprehensive view that unifies all the documents we possess, you can browse our website by Topic and by Sector. Thus, you can learn more about the reach and domain of The Labour Direction by having access to our publications and documents on labour legislation.

A highlight in our website is Labour Regulations [Normativa Laboral]. Here, you will see all the dicta [dictámenes] issued by our institution. Furthermore, you can find Chile's most relevant legal documents on labour.

The Document Centre [Centro de Documentaciòn] contains all the various documents generated by The Labour Direction. Among others:

  • Official Newsletter [Boletín Oficial]
  • Research Books [Cuadernos de Investigación]
  • Contributions to Debate [Aportes al Debate]
  • Labour Topics [Temas Laborales]
  • Labour Survey (ENCLA) [Encuesta Laboral]

Another highlight is the Information Centre [Centro de Consultas] where you can learn about matters of work, separated by topics, like work contracts, work schedules, remunerations and so on. Additionally, you can send us your questions through our website and we will be happy to answer them by e-mail.